KyotoPotato is an amazing logic puzzle game for children and adults alike! You can play the game against the computer or challenge your friends to join you. The game provides a great opportunity to learn new science-related words and adopt new concepts.


Choose the science category & complexity level

Want to help your kid learn new biology concepts? Need to check how well they know physics? KyotoPotatocovers everything from earth science and astronomy to college-level organic chemistry!

Choose the category and set the required level of complexity and go! As a little bonus from us, you can see the detailed definition of each new word by dragging the pointer onto it or by clicking on the word (for smartphone users)!

Play solo with your computer & invite friends to play with you

The variety of game modes allows you to play one-on-one with a computer or invite your friends and other registered KyotoPotatousers to join you!

Monthly tournaments are held to let the best users test their abilities and choose the most competent and adapt player!

The best players are awarded golden, silver or bronze stars!

Enjoy highly intuitive interface

The interface of the game is very intuitive with lots of helpful pop-ups and tips. Simply drag and drop the tile from your rack and once the word is complete, click on Play and see the points being added to your total.

Learn new skills

  • Verbal skills
  • Science skills
  • Time management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Social skills
  • Attention span

Our goal is talented and educated children. We always take care of them, and thus do our best to make their time spending effective. In order to prevent kids from excessive gaming and Internet usage, we recommend parents to use child security software. It will help control the time and purposes for which children use the web.